Regional 4IR Impact Investment Landscape Dialogue

In Search of "Zebra Companies" during the Global Secular Stagflation, Where and How?


11:30 am – 12:30 pm HKT

Inno2, 2/F, 17W, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, Hong Kong SAR

While the recent policy address in Hong Kong has launched nothing new but proactive fiscal tools such as “Co-Investment Fund” and “Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises (OASES)”, there remains a large scope of discussion on defining “strategic industries” for Hong Kong, and repositioning the key elements that construct import sectors that keep Hong Kong growing prosperously, for all walks of society, in the long-run. 


In the time of current global economic recession, how shall the private sector and the HKSAR administration reckon the values of important companies that keep the society healthy, in terms of quality employment, competitive social packages, social and economic impact and environmental protection, besides the short-term financial gain? What are the motivations and compromises in the search of “Zebra Companies” over “Unicorns” in the future?


The panel discussion session “Regional 4IR Impact Investment Landscape Dialogue – In Search of “Zebra Companies” during the Global Secular Stagflation, Where and How?” gathers positive impact and sustainability-driven investors and institutions in Hong Kong to share their viewpoints on recent investment outlook of opportunities and challenges in Hong Kong, and offer private-sector response to truly unleash the real values where the above policies mean to offer to the market.

Panel Speaker

Stephanie Ko

Director of LQ Pacific Partners

Cintia Nunes

Director of  The Mills Fabrica

Francesco Stadler

Director of Impact Funds & Ventures of the Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFi)


Jo Chan

Vice President of Investor Relations of the AngelHub


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