Legacy Rejuvenating -
“Little Dragon Rise Again”



9:30 – 10:00 am HKT

Inno2, 2/F, 17W, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, Hong Kong SAR
(In-person only with Chatham House Rule)

Hong Kong has faced unprecedented social and economic turmoil in the last 3 years. “Legacy Rejuvenating – Little Dragon Rise Again” is set forth as the main theme.

How would the city leaders that represent the business elites and administration entrepreneurship interpret the current status of Hong Kong and the upcoming changes as foreseen in the next 5 years and in the post-covid era context of China? What principles and values shall we embrace to ensure the sustainable prosperity among all walks of life throughout the massive transformation in the long run? How shall we co-create a coherent narrative about Hong Kong that leads us to reconnect to the rest of the world again?

The Opening Keynote Session sheds light on the primary perspectives of the city leaders of Hong Kong who stand at the frontier of global business and investment as a family office that carries generations of Hong Kong “global dream” and the entrepreneurial public administrative agency for the Special Administrative Region in Asia.

Opening Guests Speaker

Mr. Patrick Tsang

Chairman of Tsangs Group
Hong Kong SAR

Mr. Stephen Phillips

Director-General of Investment in the Invest
Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR



10:00 – 10:30 am HKT

Inno2, 2/F, 17W, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, Hong Kong SAR
(In-person only with Chatham House Rule)

From an industrialist economy in the 50s – 60s to a high value-added service-based economy since 80s, Hong Kong is now launching a grand plan for the next level of structural transformation – to re-engineer its economic form with its traditional financial hub into a regional hub ecosystem for innovation technologies, advanced manufacturing test-bed, arts and cultures. As the theme of the Annual Meet this year suggests, the city is striving to rise again upon the fierce global challenges at all fronts.

While the recently launched Policy Address 2022 by the new administration in Hong Kong implies a strong administrative dedication for the change, are several key districts in Hong Kong ready for adopting and implementing the grand plans? What principles and values shall the local communities embrace to ensure a harmonious journey of district-level transformation? What strategic roles shall the civil societies, private sectors and district administrators play to coordinate a sustainable development upon the master plan?

Connecting to various collaboration projects with social innovation sectors in Hong Kong and a few global communities since 2021, the Annual Keynote session hosted by the Good City Foundation provides an overview of current status of Hong Kong from the grass-roots’ perspectives with in-depth insights and call for all key stakeholders to co-curate the aspired flagship initiative for Hong Kong next year.


Keynote speaker

Mr. Kwok Ka Ming Andre

Founder and Chairman of Good City Foundation | Fellow of Global Urban Transformation of the World Economic Forum
Hong Kong SAR


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Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

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