FCS2018 is a year of leap with faith. We are gathering over 250 young entrepreneurs, government leaders and scholars.
We come together to discuss, debate and present the solutions that make our cities better. Workshop is a session that
sharpens our mindset and framework of thinkings, for better project development and implementation.

Workshop covers:

  1. Best Practice and Learnings of PPP Projects

    • Investment Models and Term sheets
    • Impact Measurement
    • Model of Implementation with All Stakeholders
  2. Marketisation of Opportunity | City Level

    • Commercialisation of Social Issues and Challenges
    • Collaboration and Information Sources
    • Methods of Market Verification
  1. Fund-Raising and Investment Deck Learnings

    • Fund Raising and Investment Sources for PPPs
    • Betterment of Investment Deck for Global Funders
    • Breakthrough Opportunity for Investment Led by Government
  2. Project Governance, Sustainability and Compliance

    • Project Leadership Structure
    • Thinking of Project Spinning Off and Sustainability
    • Compliance of Project to be Funded and Invested

With a stronger framework of project advisory, FCS is also developing avenue for project-sourcing and match-making with impact investors and funders in Hong Kong and mainland China, welcoming all friends and stakeholders to reach us for more details.