5th anniversary of future city summit

Future City Summit Annual Meet 2020 celebrates the 5th Anniversary of the founding and establishment in Hong Kong, . In the past 5 years, the Summit has gathered over 1,000 leaders from the private and public sector, established a membership of over 50 of Emerging Future Cities Network in Asia, Europe and Africa and established 2 family offices and impact funds in Southeast Asia with 6 impact portfolios.

The 5th Anniversary celebration aims to call for new delegates, partners and old friends to reunite and review the impact, set the new development collaboration and share new common values for good.









program theme

Urban Economics Planning,
Resilience 101

"Post Covid-19", "New Normal" and all different psychological impacts brought by different challenges and socio-economic burdens, urban and our cities are no longer simply a place to live in, but a sacare space where we seek resilience in souls.

FCS2020 explores how future cities shall be re-made with resilience, with the latest learning of technology, urban pandemics and psychology.

Future Workforce, We Position Our Curve

World population is growing at a slower pace, but the world has been running faster than never ever before. Amid the global economic, geopolitical and poverty challenges with the majority of the world population still living under the poverty curve, how shall we, the young and younger generations get prepared to reposition in the productivity curve?

FCS2020 is interested to find out what “job” means to us in future. How can we structure a more inclusive capacity curve? While we are enjoying the progression of human civilisation, how can we avoid the likelihood of leaving the poor majority behind?

Art, Culture and City as a Memory

As we live, the cities we live in are where we build and create our arts, dreams and cultures as a cluster of civilisation. By time, the arts and memories create cultures.

FCS2020 devotes to learn further how human communities work, how we create resilient memories that worth passing on to the next generation to continue the journey.

Sustainability, Environment and Humans

If there were only 10 years left before we reach irreversible change to the climate change damage, at what cost would we be willing to pay to strive to sustain the way we live and our civilisation?

FCS2020 is dedicated to finding out further with new partners and advocates and practitioners the choices of a better preference, a choice that we all can act together. We can still make it.

program sessions

High Table Dinner

Victoria Side Chat. Keynote

Track 1.5 Hong Kong Asia
Development Roundtable

Establishment of Greater Emerging
Future Cities Network and Pipelines

Project Roadshow and Deal Flow

Be A Part This Year Summit

A memory of life-time to learn the latest topics that we should care about together, network, build a trustworthy friendship and immerse ourselves in dialogues and exchanges of meaningful actions and collaborations.

Private Sector Committee (Advisory Council) of ASEAN Smart Cities Network, endorsed by Ministry of Construction, Vietnam

Future City Summit(FCS) is a flagship annual meet for Good City Foundation and her Partners in Asia and The World.

Good City Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit multilateral development organization focused on the facilitation and growth of local government projects, startups, businesses and other potential projects in different emerging cities of the world.