About FCS/ Bangkok 2019


FCS/Bangkok 2019 is a four days long experience summit to explore deeply into the very local and authentic food & fashion industry of emerging cities like Bangkok. The experience summit will focus on exploring the future of sustainable food, fashion, and entertainment industry of the emerging world.

The purpose of the summit is to explore how boutique brands in food, fashion, and entertainment industry can be taken to the global market through technology transformation and innovation in the brand.

Through the panel discussion, the delegates will get more in-depth knowledge about the industries, through hackathon the delegates will design boutique brands and through private meetings collaboration framework will be developed.


Experience panel - fashion-cuisine talk, the tale of sanook, Thainess & fun!


Design Workshop for “Boutique Brand Design Jam”


Boutique Brand Design jam: case studies and business planning on the next global boutique brand on food, fashion, and entertainment.


Market day: What The Future of Fashion and Food! WTFF!!

Program Track

sustainable food


Finding out the future of the sustainable food industry. Learning about how small businesses focusing on the sustainable food industry will shape the food habit of future citizens, how such brands contribute for the betterment of organic agriculture, health and hygiene, local resources, enjoyable workplace and reviving local cuisine.

sustainable fashion


Finding out the future of sustainable fashion industry by learning how the boutique brands working on ethical fashion will shape the future image of the cities, use local ingredients, leave less carbon footprint, ensure labor rights and create a new wave of global fashion.

sustainable entertainment


Learning how responsible entertainment and local art can spread the local art form and culture to the world, contribute in social good, shape the taste and culture of the future generation in cities and revive ethnic identity through music, film, photography, drama, art, graffiti and so on.

Program Segments

Fireside Chat

Through Fireside Chat explore the importance of Sustainable food, fashion, and entertainment industry for sustainable future cities. Learn more about what sustainability means in food, fashion, and entertainment industry, how does the current trend look like, what are the opportunities seen by the industry leaders, how technology transformation can boost the growth of local boutique brands to the global market, how sustainable food, fashion, and entertainment startups are essential pillars of a smart city, etc. from the industry leaders.

Panel Discussion

Panel discussions on, Hybridized entrepreneurship in food-fashion-entertainment: A subtle blending of profit and social impact, From family to market: How the ecosystem developers can support the growth of the homegrown boutique business, Collaboration for growth: How networks and collaboration frameworks can help the boutique brands to spread and grow and so on. Through discussion Industry leaders from sustainable food, fashion and entertainment industry will share critical insights.

Boutique Brand Design Jam

A Design for finding sustainable startups in the food-fashion-entertainment industry. Design for the Next 10 Years of sustainable food-fashion-entertainment industry based boutique business ideas which can be scaled to the global market through technology transfer, innovation, and entrepreneurialism. Boutique Brand Design Jam to find out Sustainable food, fashion, and entertainment related startups which will shape up the future of boutique business arena of vibrant cities like Bangkok. The Design Jam will be continued for two days and will end with the pitch run. The selected plan will be supported with resources and discussed further for implementation. The startup ideas should be based on the sustainable food industry, the ethical fashion industry and responsible entertainment industry which will shape the path towards sustainable future of cities like Bangkok

Networking Session

Reception meetup and networking session for the delegates, organizers, speakers and key stakeholders to meet, greet, enjoy drinks and share cards. This is a very private meetup arranged for the participants to expand their networks and know more about each other the night before the summit kicks off.

Round Table Discussion

With the establishment of Emerging Future Cities Network in August 2018 in Guangzhou, China, Emerging Future Cities Boutique Business Network is designed to establish with the setting of Sustainable Food Lab, Ethical Fashion Lab and Responsible Entertainment Lab to accelerate the vision of developing sustainable boutique businesses which are homegrown and have the potential to be spread around the world. Starting from the local market, these ideas are worth spreading to the global market. The whole collaboration framework will be developed through private meetings.

Be a part of Future City Summit’s rapidly growing global community. Join the FCS/Bangkok 2019. Learn from the industry leaders. Innovate sustainable business ideas for sustainable future cities. Be a part of our "Boutique Brands Lab". Sign emerging cities network 4.0 with the FCS family. Take a new step towards success.

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