In January 2019, Future City Summit is bringing the world to the Southeast for the first seasonal program of the new initiative, "Public-Private Partnership by Youth" (PPP by Youth).

The PPP by Youth initiates a series of programs taking place in designated emerging future cities through the collaboration of local government and Future City Summit. The initiative missions to address local needs through emerging young leaders from sectors and followed with funded implementation and capacity building programs by advisors of Future City Summit organization.



Bali Beyond Tourism || Echoing Eco-Friendliness || Responsible Entertainment


Bali in 10 Years, More Than Tourism

Bali, the sanctuary of natural beauty, attracts people around the world. It has been a blessing for Bali’s vibrant economy. But what about the scenario after 10 years from now? Will the economy sustain solely depending on tourism? Or the next sustainable industry is being expected to keep the economy alive? Together, we will explore the local needs and insights to come up with innovations for building a sustainable economy. A model industry that might fit other emerging future cities too.

A Vision With Bali Government and Youth

This is a vision of Bali 2028. FCS will work hand in hand with the local governments to foster PPP by Youth. 120+ youths from more than 30 emerging future cities and various disciplines will come together to innovate and jam a new sustainable industry ecosystem which will be implemented with the support of local government and partners.

Tourism Lab and Hybridised Industry Jam

Future City Summit, along with Bali government, Global Shapers Denpasar Hub, 1001Teras and other partners, is going to initiate the first ever concept of “Tourism Lab”. The lab aims to boost the “can-do” entrepreneurialism in industrial innovation and empower innovators to build their ideas through experiments. The 4 days long dynamic Hybridized Industry Jam during FCS/Bali will innovate ideas which will be taken for further incubation through the Lab with funds.

Mentors, Peers and Global Network

FCS is bringing in world-class mentors and speakers such as Asian Development Bank, TED community, World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community, Forbes U30 and so on. Get direct mentoring from the industry leaders and master deeper insights across industries. Tap into the jam with 120+ leaders from 30+ cities. Take the opportunity to enrich your global network and provoke collaborations.


Bali Beyond Tourism

- Unleashing new hybrid industries in Bali.
- Exploring 10 emerging tourist destinations in Indonesia.
- Hacking sustainable tourism projects.


Echoing Eco-Friendliness

- Insight about why saving the environment is important for any industry.
- Hacking eco-friendly business projects.
- Finalizing action plans for preserving nature.
- Climate Action Agreement.

Responsible Entertainment

- The power of art and entertainment in social good.
- Art and Entertainment as a form of entrepreneurship.
- Insights from entertainment industry practitioners
- How tourism, entertainment, and the environment are interrelated.

Be a part of Future City Summit’s rapidly growing global community. Join the first seasonal event of Public-Private Partnership by Youth. Learn from the industry leaders. Innovate sustainable ideas. Be a part of our tourism lab. Sign climate action agreement with us. Sign emerging cities network 2.0 with the FCS family. Take a new step towards success. 

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