Global Development and Resilience

Global Development and Resilience

Global development and resilience have been one of the leading topics over city connectivity. The way we shape our city depends on the methodology and model of cooperation for global development and design for city resilience.
The panel is collaborating leading development agencies and corporates to explore the topics. It explores the better lesson learnt, case studies and better framework for our learnings in future development.

Global Policy and Security with Technology

Next Level of Innovation: What Is the Truth about Innovation for Future?

As we have been emphasizing so much innovation, how much do we truly understand it? Are we developing our place better with innovation? Are we developing global policies that shape our world cities better and safer? What might be the concerns and thinking behind global policy on technology innovation over security?

Cyber-world Management and Wars

Surveillance and Governance at City Level: Threat or Smart City?

With the development of Internet of Things and advancement of “Smart City” everywhere, how does this impose any thinking and considerations concerning data privacy and policy? How would smarter city design with management of cyber world would contribute to more social stability instead of war fares or conflicts over cyber world and physical world?

North-South Regional Development

North-South Regional Development with Policy

How do we learn from the past experience to develop better set of framework on North-South development and cooperation? How can we overcome the future challenges and the past of cultural and historic conflicts for stronger partnership?