Future of Entertainment and Lifestyle

Arts, Entertainment and Living

As humankind is entering a more digital age, imagination and artisan sense has been more transformed with digitization and technology. What would be the unexplored opportunities, ways of living and threats?
The panel is collaborating with influential artist entrepreneurs and industry leaders to explore the topics and come up with several factors and items that we shall be looking into in year 2018 and years forward.

Electronic Sports and Future

Future of Entertainment: Simulation, Virtuality and Reality

What are we envisioning with media and entertainment? How would entertainment affect performance of human species in a city in future? Are we developing more cross-sectoral partnership and simulations with the support of electronic sports? What are the lesson learnt from the current development of virtual reality technology?

Cinematic Industry and Imagination

Future of Cinematic Industry and Imagination

How can human imagination be brought to another level of the game through arts and entertainment in daily living, dynamically? Are we learning something from movie industry and creating our “imaginary future” based on our cinematic thinking? Where will imagination lead us to?

Social Engineering and Relationship

Social Engineering and Human Networking: Future of Relationship in Life and Business

How are our behaviors and gradually moved by social networks and media? And how will that impact the ways we live with others and doing business? What can we know more about the people we network to predict our how future city would look like?