"Transformation", "Legacy" and "Succession" are the 3 key elements for Future City Summit 2019. The Annual Meet in 2019 will connect us to the past since 2016 and project us to the greater future with stronger resources bridging upon "Public-Private Partnership by Youth", and more other development agenda that involves families of the past legacy, who seek technology and innovation for transformation and hence greater succession for sustainability of impact.

Holding sub-provincial status, Wuhan is recognized as the political, economic, financial, cultural, educational and transportation center of central China. With the high value of history, culture and innovation, Wuhan becomes a central hub of China for "Creative Economy" and "Creative City Development" in China, since the 13th 5 Years Plan of the country.

Wuhan is also decided by Future City Summit to be a strategic city to go this year for connecting more network, and strategic partner for central China, connecting the North and the South China for greater "Belt and Road" of China, for all guests, partners and delegates overseas.

"Emerging Future Cities Network" is the structure to facilitate and foster "Transformation" of a city, connecting the young generation of business and governence to the past of "Legacy", and hence bridging the right resources to the "Next Succession for Sustainability".

The "Emerging Future Cities Network" is roundtable for all stakeholders reunite and review the impact leverage in the market. The agenda is set to bridge right resources for important technology for future, necessary thought discussion for governance and regional partnership that creates a better community for all.