Future City Summit Annual Meet is designed an annual flagship event where all stakeholders come home and meet, review all entrepreneurship deeds and strive for a better development plan with actions in the region. It is about new learnings, thinkings, methodologies of impact investing, and higher engagement for the public and the private.

One Summit - Two Cities Experience

Future City Summit Annual Meet is a bi-cities conference where delegates and guests are meeting in "Hong Kong + 1 ancient city in Mainland China" for cross-city, and cross-culture learning, creating a memorable journey of travel and summit. We believe this is where friendship begins, where learning happens and where value partnership is created.

High Table Dinner in St. John's College

Experience a high Oxbridge culture in Hong Kong as a East-Meets-West welcome. This is the first night for all being welcome by the host organizer, alumni of The University of Hong Kong and guests to tell a legacy of Hong Kong, and a message to transform for better sustainability.

Victoria-side Chat . Thought Leadership Discussion

FCS brings in high-end insightful thought leaders from various sectors. This year we introduce "Future of Economy", "Future of Real Estate", "Future of Governance" and "Future of Lifestyle" to the stage.

Get ready with high relevance of future cities, looking back all dots are connected and it comes to a high time for every delegate to experience an exciting meet with speakers where you can find partnership and mentorship.

Roundtable for Emerging Future Cities Network

Future City Summit is a combination of experience from crowd-summit learning to private roadshow and meetup. Delegates are provided opportunities with high accuracy of agenda setting with resources bridging for up-bringing partnership.

In 2019 we will be expandingn "Emerging Future Cities Network" to more stakeholders in FinTech, Property and Impact Investing. More actionable items in the agenda would be set forth with high-level stakeholders. With several items would be annouced in United Nations General Assembly.