Please submit your application via this online form
You will be notified within [2-4 weeks] after you submitted your application.
This year, the Hong Kong session of the Summit will adopt a hybrid mode. The keynote speeches, panel sessions, and workshops will be delivered virtually. If you wish to attend private meetings or roadshows, you have the option of attending physically, or through a virtual reality experience. The remaining parts of the Hong Kong session, including the High Table Dinner will be held physically.

The Hangzhou Session of the Summit will continue to be held physically.
The Summit delegate fee will be based on the program package. You can check here. However, delegates are responsible for arranging for their flight tickets and accommodations. Delegates who wish to attend the High Table Dinner will have to pay for a separate fee, details will be published later.
We expect all delegates to attend the entire full Summit. However, if you are unable to attend some parts of the Summit, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing.
The application deadline is [31 September, 2020]
Please contact us at Secretariat to check if places are still available.
Please contact us at Secretariat.
Please email us at Secretariat.
We will be using interactive platforms so you can still network and get to know other like-minded ones virtually during the Summit!
Currently, on arrival in Hong Kong, you will be immediately tested at the Hong Kong International Airport. Afterwards, you would have to conduct self-quarantine at a hotel/accommodation of your choice for 14 days.
The Hong Kong session of the Summit will strictly adhere to any guidelines issued by the Hong Kong Government at the time of the conference, including any social distancing rules, obligatory face mask rules, et cetera. We will keep delegates updated.

We would require delegates to observe all the necessary health measures throughout the entire Summit. We encourage participants to keep their face masks on at all times. In addition, the Summit has procured face masks and hand sanitizers for participants’ use throughout the Summit.
Delegates will have to arrange for their own accommodation for the Hong Kong session of FCS 2020. Therefore, delegates are free to bring along additional guests to visit Hong Kong. FCS 2020 will offer accommodation recommendations for delegates.
No, we do not organise individual airport transfers for delegates to their accommodation. However, you may refer to our Delegate Booklet on how to get around Hong Kong for more information. The staff at the Hong Kong International Airport would also be more than happy to assist you to arrive at your destination.
We would only provide transportation between venues. We encourage you to explore Hong Kong using other modes of local transportation. Please feel free to refer to our introductory booklet for more information.
We could send you a letter of reference or verification to assist with your visa application. Please contact us at Secretariat if you need anything from us.
We highly encourage you to purchase travel insurance which includes coverage of cancelled flights.
The Summit would sponsor the flight and accommodation of the invited speaker/panellist/moderator. If you would like to bring someone else with you, we would assist in making the arrangements for flight and accommodation, but that part of your trip will not be sponsored. Please contact us at Operations. For more information.
Yes, you can attend both parts of the Summit in a mixed reality experience. The Hong Kong part of the Summit is virtual so you can easily attend it wherever you are. The Hangzhou part of the Summit is planned offline for now. That being said, with the uncertainties that come with COVID-19, we highly encourage you to closely observe the situation and all official travel announcements. For delegates who have registered to join the Hangzhou part physically, our team will keep close contact with you for any updates on travel restrictions and the potential change in the program.

Private Sector Committee (Advisory Council) of ASEAN Smart Cities Network, endorsed by Ministry of Construction, Vietnam

Good City Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit multilateral development organization focused on the facilitation and growth of local government projects, startups, businesses and other potential projects in different emerging cities of the world.

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